About us

About us

Defense Update is an online defense magazine published in Israel.

Editorial team:

  • Editor in Chief: Tamir Eshel
  • Military Advisor: Col. David Eshel
  • Assistant Editor, Photography: Noam Eshel
  • Assistant Editor, Covering Events, Special Programs: Geula Eshel-Klar

Editorial focus:

Defense Update highlights worldwide defense programs, including; land warfare covering armor and infantry and support elements,aerospace, naval, C4ISR, EW, Cyber Warfare, intelligence and net-centric warfare, unmanned systems and robotics, and homeland defense.

Written by experienced defense journalists from different nations, with contribution by analysts specializing in different fields, Defense Update provides comprehensive coverage of specific defense related topics, including Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV), Future Combat Systems, Aerospace – and unmanned systems as well as robotics and Precision Strike weapons. It also covers in-depth analysis of developing trends in Command, Control, Communications and Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR).

Focusing on evolving trends such as asymmetric, hybrid warfare and net centric operations, force protection and homeland security, Defense Update is recognized as a reliable source of updated information among international decision makers.

Beside the news and features, Defense Update also provides a constantly updated and comprehensive list of professional events, including US and International defense and aerospace exhibitions, professional conferences and other events. Most of the major events are also covered in details by our editors.

Other features include defense career and jobs listings, encompassing most of the U.S. based defense companies and military branches.

All features published by Defense Update are periodically updated, to reflect the development and progress of key defense related programs.

Defense Update is available free at: www.defense-update.com

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Feel free to contact us at: editor at defense-update.com
Tel: +972-544-508028 or fax: +972-9-8919965
or write to: POB 2696 Qadima 60920 Israel

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  1. I think you will find the Aermacchi M-346 is to replace the A-4 Skyhawks in the Sinagpore Air Force.
    It S-211s, which were based at Pearce Air Force base in Australia were replacede by Pilatus PC-21s.
    The A-4 Skyhawks are based in France and used for advance training.
    Singapore has limited air space