The 13th Infantry Battalion of the Golani Brigade was the first Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit to convert from the T-55 based Achzarit armored infantry carrier to the new Infantry Combat Vehicle – the Namer.

Israel’s Defense Ministry has awarded General Dynamics a contract to build 600 Namer (leopard in Hebrew) armored personnel carriers (APC) over the next eight years.
The competitive procurement process was for the production of Merkava APC hulls, material kit sets and integration of the kits to the vehicle chassis. General Dynamics expects to complete contract negotiations by the end of this year.
Production will be performed at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio. The base contract will be completed by March 2015 or extend to November 2019 if all options are exercised.

The 13th Infantry Battalion of the Golani Brigade was the first Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit to convert from the T-55 based Achzarit armored infantry carrier to the new Infantry Combat Vehicle – the Namer.
Battalion 13 of the Golani Brigade has already been outfitted with the Namer and a senior Defense Ministry official said that the remaining three Golani battalions would receive the APC over the next three years.
The decision to issue the Namer tender in the US was made due to budgetary constraints.
If the Namer is made in the US, the IDF will be able to pay for the production with the foreign military financial aid it receives annually from the US and most of which needs to be spent in America.

The Namer has advanced defensive systems and an internal air-conditioning unit which enables the vehicle to continue operating in areas contaminated by nonconventional weapons. The Namer carries a number of machine guns, missile launchers, and reconnaissance equipment.
The IDF plans to equip the Namer with a locally built active protection system. The IDF has already fielded the Trophy APS on it’s Merkava 4 tanks. System comes as an integral part of the tank and the IMOD plans to follow the same path with the Namer.
The vehicle is equipped with a 0.5" heavy machine gun mounted on the weapon station; a secondary, manually operated 7.62mm machine gun and a 60mm mortar are also included.


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  1. What if Israel is at war once again with the Palestinians and/or Arabs and the US refused to deliver the vehicles? Hope Obama is no longer the President and those in charge will still be sympathetic to the Jerwish state.

  2. In the picture here above you see the variant of Namer, here being an IFV, equipped with the 30 mm automatic cannon, mounted on the stabilized weapon station, coupled with the 7,62 mm machine gun on the same station – and NOT a 12,7 mm HMG weapon station APC variant.

  3. Yes, of course, Tamir, I know that. I was only commenting, that this photo here just above shows exactly this “experimental” IFV Namer version, equipped with the 30 mm automatic cannon + 7,72 mm machine gun, and NOT the APC Namer 12,7 mm HMG version. By the way, I do hope, that the IDF will order at least SOME Namers in the IFV 30 mm version – all the other Western armies already have such vechicles since years back in time – ONLY the IDF alone refuses! While 12,7 mm HMG is good (and Russian standard 14,5 mm even considerably better!), such a powerful and heavy platform like Namer REALLY DESERVES a 30 mm automatic cannon, to have a real “punch”, very needed indeed in supporting the IDF infantery soldiers, both at close and more far away ranges.

  4. I think the fire support vehicle configuration of the Namer with a heavy RWS carrying 30mm turret and guided missiles is part of the long term plan to equip mechanized infantry brigades. Once the outsourcing of production to GDLS is finalized, I am sure the IDF will focus on these variants as well, given the stability and long term delivery of the vehicle. Other variants we can expect are command vehicle, 120mm mortar carrier, armored recovery vehicle and, eventually, a Puma combat engineer vehicle replacement.

  5. Perhaps some of the T-55 based Achzarites could now ALSO be upgraded to the IFV standard, mounting these Rafael’s 30 mm + 7,62 mm + 2 Spike-LR weapon stations. Yes, and some years from now, perhaps a new Merkava Mk 5, developed from the current, but improved Namer, turtleless and using a stabilized weapon station mounting an IMI smooth-bore 120 mm main gun, and using a 1.800 HP MTU Diesel engine – a “beefed up” variant of the current 1.500 HP MTU ??? Remember, IMI has already developed a lower-pressure variant of its 120 mm main gun, to be mounted on an external heavy stabilized weapon station. What would be needed now is to develop it further in order to apply high pressure to this construction, like the one in the gun of Merkava Mk 4, or why not even better – and then you would have a new main armament of the future Merkava Mk 5.